Circus Fabulae

Photo By  David Katz

Photo By David Katz

My Installation, Circus Fabulae was a Burning Man 2019 Art Grant Honorarium. A two story, 25’ diameter gazebo of porch swings meant to provide a space for both inner and outer contemplation as well as a place for aerial performances. The six swings on the bottom floor face inward and provide a space for talking, performance and socializing. The six swings on the second floor face outward towards the event, providing 360 degree views of the event and also self contemplation. 12 porch swings in total, each painted by a different artist, most of which were members of the team.

This installation was built by an all volunteer team of 18 people. Who spent 3 months painting, sawing, screwing and welding the structure together before shipping it out to the desert where it took 5 additional days to install it. While Circus Fabulae was my dream, it was realized by a very dedicated crew.